Wednesday, 3 May 2017

A Cute Sundress

I was shopping with my friend in Bramble Patch recently and was drawn to some pretty child's sundresses displayed.
Deciding it was perfect for my granddaughter I bought the pattern and with multi sizes given, it will last a few years especially as the style can be worn as a pinafore dress as well.
Then I had the problem of choosing the fabric! I love the Lewis & Irene fabrics; they are so pretty. I found it hard to choose, I wanted them all, it seemed such a pity to leave the others behind!
Eventually, I chose the Salisbury Spring in lavender.
 The dress is made from Lavender Spring.
For the facing, I chose Lavender Little Multi Daisies
I made covered buttons in the daisy print too.
The dress pattern was easy to make and fairly quick too!
Now I must get back to the applique sheep..............

Sunday, 23 April 2017

The Rainbow, Reverse Cable Scarf

I couldn't resist using the Katia yarn for long and spent recent evenings knitting it into a beautiful, colourful scarf.
I had knitted the pattern before as it's a perfect stitch for a scarf because the reverse of the cables is the same as the front. It's a free pattern offered on Ravelry by Kristin Bellehumeur called Palindrome - A Reversible Cable Scarf.
Here is my rainbow version.

It's a very easy pattern to do, just two by two rib throughout, even on the cables.
I hope you're having a good weekend,

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Beautiful Katia Paint Cake

I discovered this fabulous yarn yesterday in Sussex Crafts, a fab little yarn shop in Cuckfield, West Sussex.
All the years in Spain I knitted and crocheted with the Spanish made Katia yarns and this didn't exist.
I love Katia and was so surprised to find a stockist here.
Sussex Crafts has blossomed since the new owner took over and is a magical place to spend some time. It's impossible to leave without buying something because there are so many wonderful things shouting 'Take me home!'
This is the Gorgeous Katia Paint cake that I bought.
 There are several colour mixes to choose from.
The yarn is 80% Acrylic and 20% wool but feels and looks like wool. There is enough yarn in the 150gm cake to make a shawl or scarf but I won't be using it yet a while, I just want it on my desk to look at!

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Play Food

My granddaughter was two years old recently and she had a little kitchen for her birthday. I thought I'd make her some food to cook. This is some of it but I forgot to take a photo of the chips, sausages, donuts and strawberries.
 She was delighted and played with it all day.
She had a birthday cake - dare I say 'Elsa' theme from Frozen...... we're all a little tired of Elsa now but my granddaughter wears her dress and the shoes all day, even though the shoes are so many sizes too big! Her little feet almost go right through the shoe. She's so cute but we just have to laugh.
I kept the ribbon from the cake and this weekend I made her an Elsa birthday cake to play with.
I used a CD container for the cake, covered it all with felt, printed a picture for the top and gathered up felt for the icing. I glued it all together with my glue gun. I'm not sure the candle will last long but I did support it from inside with 'feet' stuck all around it, on top of the CD case before putting on the picture.
I've also worked a little on the sheep for the draught excluder, I'll put on some photos next time.
Have a good week making things!

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

More Rabbits!

Meet The Boys! This is Forest.
Some of his friends - Jack, Valero and Dennis.
A little Christmas rabbit - Holly.
 Sweet Posy.
Cupcake and Connie

 And another boy - Ralph.
They are such fun to make and very popular with my friends and family!

Now, a new project. Another kit I bought at Duxford. It's a draught excluder by Double Knit Dating Agency. I shall make it for my sister who has recently moved to an old draughty cottage. Hopefully I'll get it finished before the spring.

The kit supplies all the fabrics with little fluffy bits for the sheep. 
Have a good week and I hope you find some goodies in the after Christmas sales!

The Finished Ring of Hearts

I'm rather impressed with the kit I bought for the heart wreath; the fabrics and embellishments are beautiful and well thought out. I didn't feel I needed to change anything, everything was very well put together and to my taste. There are more than enough beads in each packet and a generous length of the silver cord.
I was also impressed with myself for sticking with it and I actually got to hang it on the wall this Christmas where it looked spectacular, although my photos just don't do the bling justice!

 I chose to place my hearts on the ring with safety pins.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I wish you all a very Happy New year with plenty of time to continue creating!

Monday, 14 November 2016

Padded Heart Christmas Wreath

At the Duxford Quilt Fair last month I spotted this beautiful silvery heart wreath and just had to make one, you know how it is when you get the wants!
The photo on the pack doesn't do the finished wreath justice.
The fabrics are silvery and shiny, with lots of sparkle. All the fabrics and the bling is included; 12 packs of decorations and beautiful silver cord to trim the hearts.
Included also is the 'invisible' thread for sewing on the decorations and cord, and even a needle and needle threader!
I've sewn together all the hearts.

I started with the top heart, no 12. I stuffed it and sewed on the cord.
Last of all I added the decorations. Here it is finished and secured onto the ring with two safety pins at the back.
Here are the first three finished and pinned in place. No.s 12, 11 and 10
I've stopped for a while now as I've been asked to make some boy rabbits. I do like to swap my attention regularly!
Have a good week,