Friday, 12 August 2016

The Driftwood Quilt

If I hadn't seen a finished quilt like this I wouldn't have thought about making one in this way. It was hanging in a patchwork shop and I fell in love with it. It's put together in a very different way to most others.
It's a throw size 'quilt as you go' which is easy enough but once the joining up starts, it all seems wrong as this one leaves the raw edges on the right side! And to frighten you even more, you then cut into all the seams! I had to be brave and tell myself it would all be ok,,,,,,,,,,
And it was!

Once all the seams have been snipped at half inch intervals you then wash it and put it in the tumble dryer.
The seams have become ragged and very natural looking which is the look I loved when I saw it in the shop.
Do ensure you empty the fluff box in the dryer afterwards as there is what can only be described as a very colourful bird's nest in there!
I'm so pleased with the quilt, the colours are beautiful, subtle shades and do resemble the colours of pebbles, driftwood and sand

It's a very hot August day but now I have something to look forward to using during the colder months that will, hopefully remind me of summer.
I hope you have a sunny weekend,

Friday, 8 July 2016

Meet the 'Mice Girls'!

The Euro 16s football has been on the TV recently and although I'm not a great fan I can tolerate it being on in the same room providing I have something interesting to do, then I can just listen whilst working, only looking up if I hear shouting and there's the possibility that something interesting might be happening!
So this is how I came to take up my crochet hook again and make my medley of mice.
After making so many rabbits I needed a change and these crazy girls amused me, taking on their different personalities as I made them all slightly different shapes and sizes.
Meet the 'Mice Girls'.

First we have Martie, she's the sweet grey and kind.
This is Mabel, the white mouse, she's the eldest and takes on all the responsibilities of her younger sisters.
 Mary is the yellow mouse who is always happy.
 And Maudie, the green mouse who is the youngest and naughtiest.
Here they are together in a group hug!
As you see I quite enjoy the football being on!
Enjoy your weekend,

Friday, 1 July 2016

The Patchwork Housewarming Gift

Typical of the problems with moving home, my housewarming gift isn't going to be needed very soon as the prospective purchase of the new home fell through so I was able to slow up on the making and get some much needed jobs done in my own home and just work on the patchwork now and then.
I'm pleased to say that the quilt is now finished!
I only had to buy fabric for the sashing and backing, all the rest was from my rather large stash which incidentally, doesn't seem to have got much smaller!

My quilt worked out 62.5 inches square. This could be made bigger or smaller of course by using more or less squares or widening the sashings.
I sighed with relief when it was finished but got such a thrill to see it as a completed quilt that I started a new design straight away! It's a 'quilt as you go' which starts off very easily but I've given up for a bit now as I came across a tricky bit with the quilting halfway through so it's put away for a while until I think about how to tackle it.
I'll be back with photos of the new work started.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Housewarming Quilt

As a collector and maker of dollshouses, this design really appealed to me. It's a very easy one to make and it's a great stash buster! Absolutely any scraps of cotton fabric with any pattern can be put together to make up these little houses.
The instructions can be found in the magazine 'Love Patchwork and Quilting' Issue 25 2015.
It didn't take me long to make 15 squares, I can make one up while dinner is cooking so it's easy to fit one in any spare moment without having to take days out to work on it.
It's going to be a housewarming present and I think the design is perfect!

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Cross Stitch Completed

 A very unusual occurrence for me, I completed a cross stitch project in record time, didn't lose interest and made it into a cushion for my sweet granddaughter!

I bought this magazine Cross Stitch Crazy, October 2015 and fell in love with the hares on the front cover.
The fabric I used to make up the cushion has hares all over it.
 I am so pleased with it the result.
I hope you're having a happy weekend!

Monday, 1 February 2016

Wonky Stars!

The discovery of 'Wonky Stars' was a real treet. I saw a tutorial on-line quite by chance and as I'd decided to make a small knee quilt/throw as a present and had bought material in preparation I got started straight away.
People who know me will be staggered to learn that I completed the project in under three days! (yes Oly, it's true!)
I'm not one for too many rules and regulations, timetables and set orders so this was like giving me a free hand and sure enough I loved making it.
 The fabrics I used.
 Making the corners didn't work this time, I forgot how to do them and despite watching another tutorial, they didn't turn out right.
The 'problem' is that I now have to make another one as I've decided to keep this one for myself but it will give me a chance to practice the corners again.
Have a good week whatever you're planning,

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Jelly Roll Quilt Completed

Christmas and family life got in the way of crafting. I had to put everything away and make the house look tidy for once but last week I managed to complete the quilt for my granddaughter.
This is the Moda Jelly Roll that I used
The pattern is called 'The Classic Sampler Quilt' and is the first quilt in this lovely book.
My granddaughter was very excited, and after a thorough inspection she rolled all over it, 'swam' on it, then put her toys and books on it!
 I'm very happy it was a success!